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DRAG IS FOR EVERYONE. Trying to exclude people from partaking in drag is stupid, femme queens and bio queens are valid, nonbinary queens are valid, all queens and kings are valid. Saying drag is for destroying gender norms and then building walls around who can do it is incredibly hypocritical. Sad even seeing stuff from Ru girls to exclude people from drag. It’s really disheartening because I know how hard it was to call what I do ‘drag makeup’ or day I do drag because I feared I wouldn’t be seen as such. Queens like Sasha helped me in being myself and sharing my art so much and having people try to break that love and acceptance down is disappointing.
Miau 💋🐰💄NUEVO POST 👑 Hablándoles un poco del comportamiento social en el mundo de la moda y dándole tips a nuevas chicas y bloggeras que les servirán mucho. Leelo en el link de mi biografía 🌈 #cyberprincess #velvetqueen Look: @mun.luk Foto:
she's (patchy) blue👽👽