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And finally we have trump ... God made him a man so we shall consider him a man !... I got no words for an ill-treated asshole like him to be elected as a president for the United States ... He can be the man who will destroy unity and create distinction ... So get the fuck out or buy yourself a rope and hang yourself cuz you are good for nothing #trump #bitch #asshole #drugy #novote #trumpsucks #trumpmemes .. Your actually worth for sucking your own dick !.. wait you don't have one.
劈腿之後沒結果 復合之後又分手 分手之後還密我 有人陪就推開我 雖然說婊子很難聽 但應該是最適合妳 #bitch
Babs is a professional at sporting a resting bitch face 😐
Call me a #bitch for my attitude, or call me #stupid because I trusted the wrong people. But I never betray the people i love . At least I am authentic 😉 👍🔝👌 #kisses