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Abundantly Blessed!! DAY19-TEACHERS!! I'm thankful to God for giving us people that dedicate their lives to giving others the gift of knowledge. They teach with heart, want to see you succeed and care about your future!! I've had many awesome teachers throughout my life, teachers that have gone above and beyond and have had a positive impact that I will never forget. #grateful #thankful #blessed #teachersmakeadifference
One of the things I'm still proud of is finishing school after having Claire all within the same year. Hard to believe this was 6 years ago now #6yearsago #teenmum #proud #blessed
Everything I've been through so far is to prepare me for everything I've asked for. The situation can be disappointing but God never disappoints b'cz everything that happens for good. Whatever happens will not change the fact that "God is good". Our relationship is not as smooth as it looks but I'm loved by Him by being able to pass the problems. All I do just pray for glimmer of hope, let your love by surrendering to Him. I knew God works in Amazing ways 😇 #blessed 20-11-2011 ❤ 20-11-2017
Em paz✌ Faço de mim casa de sentimentos bons...🎶 Celebre a vida☀🍀 Vista-se de boas energias e cultive amizades que celebram as suas conquistas. Seja frutífera, abençoada!! Conduza luz, amor e alegria. Happy Birthday to you🎂🎉🍾🎁🍷 . . 🌎 Mirante Dona Marta - RJ . . #goodvibes #happybirthay #enjoy #sunset #blessed #behappy