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This picture should say "Strong People - Not Just Women" lift each other up... 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️ See that picture - (3) 45 pound plates on each side!!!! Today at the gym it felt amazing to be cheered on by fellow gym goers as I reached a new goal on the linear leg press of 270 pounds. Me, Miss Bionic Knee, reaching a goal a year post operative from a total knee replacement. A milestone I hit - amongst many more to come my way..... and I'm damn proud of !!! The thing I love about my gym is that we all come from different places in our journeys. Old, middle age & young. Some competitors, trainers, some Army vets, some on a weight loss journey, some following their path to the competing on stage, some trying to become healthy again, fitness novices, and the list can go on. All body shapes & sizes. The beauty of it all...... we all have some.... COMMON GROUND !!!! The one thing in common- sharing support & smiles along the way. Along with trying to become healthier and maybe finding our peace at the gym ! I know one thing for sure today it made my accomplishment so much glorious & amazing having people celebrating along side me. #mazuchsjourney #discoveringmybeauty #everybodyhappy #blink #tothestage #daddysgirl #smile #selfworth #seasons #stars #moonlight #thankful #blessed
#NineyearsWithJennie Black is one of my favorite GD songs I knew it well but not the girl on the song I found this video later thought this girl look way younger than I was expecting then finding out she was just a trainee I always loved her voice Jennie Kim is now one of the most popular kpop artist #BLINK