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Had to stop and take a picture of these beautiful flowers yesterday. It's important to just stop sometimes and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us everyday. We should always be grateful everyday of our lives for the oxygen Mother Earth supplies us with, the warmth of the sunlight on our skins because we are all so deserving of it, water, our food, family, friends and even the lessons in life that help us grow and evolve into the warriors that we all are in this World. We all go through struggles, feel hopeless at times, and feel like giving up entirely but the whole point is to arise... arise from the dirt that we feel consumes us and BLOSSOM into the most beautiful unique flower and STOP to appreciate the sweet aroma we have to give off into this World were we choose to see only darkness. Our oxygen might not be the purest, our water might not be the cleanest, and our food might not be the most organic... but BE grateful , smile , nourish yourself with what you are lucky enough to have and bloom bloom bloom!!!! 🌻🌷🌸💐💐🌺🌷-Denia Hernandez
#Bloom • Where God places you in this season -- that's the best place to be. Happy midweek friends! Share to encourage your friends -- #spreadthelove #💪🏼
Gracias por todo. Ya te extraño. #Bloom 271257 - 210217
10 minute painting on antique photo glass slide.... I think I prefer graphite and paper, paint is far too honest and much more humbling than my ego cares for. 💀
10 minute sketch