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Todavía hay personas que se asustan al ver a una mujer con kilos de más, ya sea vestida o desnuda. Todavía hay personas a las que das pena por ser gordita. Todavía existen aquellos que no quieren tocarte ni con un palito. Todavía hay hombres que piensan que bajo tu ropa sólo hay michelines, estrías y piel flácida. PUES NÓ SEÑORES!!!! Existimos aquellas que a pesar de tener mas de una talla 44, se cuidan y tienen una piel bonita. Existimos aquellas que tenenos un trasero inmenso y un pecho que no resiste a la gravedad pq es natural. Existimos aquellas que a pesar de no cumplir los cánones de belleza que la sociedad impone nos sentimos sexys, poderosas y bonitas!!! Sabéis porque??? Porque entre tanta discriminación vivida, aprendimos a amarnos, valorarnos y respetarnos a nosotras mismas y hoy somos más fuertes que el resto. POR ESO NO INFRAVALORES A UNA MUJER POR SU TALLA O PESO. PORQUE LA BELLEZA NO ENTIENDE DE TALLAS! QUE ES LA BELLEZA PARA TÍ! PARA MÍ, CON ESTAR VIVAS YA SOMOS BELLAS!!! Que mejor que este maravilloso trabajo de @jarp1708 que realicé en Barcelona. Gracias por este Shooting inolvidable! #mariacordoba #marialavoz #plussizemodel #curvymodel #plussizesinger #curvysinger #plussizeactress #curvyactress #plussizedancer #curvydancer #haymasgordasquemolan #curveswithart #curvasconarte #loveyourbody #loveyourcurves #model #instagood #sigueme #followme #curvyshooting #spanishcurvymodel #modelosxl #quetutallanotefrene #curves #bodypositive #joserospiñar
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Are struggling with an injury or change in plans due to something out of your control?? . ❤️GRACE is the word! ❤️ Be flexible with yourself and your goals and know that you are doing the best you can, and that is pretty AMAZING! Wellness is about being your best self... mind, body and soul! It is truly a LIFEstyle and sometimes that means taking a detour on the journey. ✌🏼💪🏼 . . . #shoulderrehab #eatcleantrainmean #FitnessTransformation #BodyPositive #Fitfluential #Thefitlife #momlifeisthebestlife #CommunityOverCompetition #Healthylife #healthychat #mumswithhustle #girlmom #momof2 #motherlove
Stop comparing 🚫 Start LIVING! ✔✔✔ Don't waste your time⏰, energy💫 or focus🤔 on comparing your life with those around you🙃 That "fit girl" in the gym could be working through a bad relationship👫, that guy rolling up in his corvette 🚗could've spent years saving up for his dream car, that "chubby girl" on the treadmill could be recovering from an eating disorder 👑 You don't know anyone's story so stick to writing your own 💞 #positivevibes #bodypositive #healthATeverySIZE #nojudgementzone
#realtalk 🧐 . I’ve been thinking.. and thinking a lot lately. And please don’t take this the wrong way when i say this, I mean it in no way to offend or upset anyone *eye roll because everyone is so sensitive* BUT I have to say this, because it’s been on my mind and it’s starting to bug me 🐜 . I realize the progress I’ve made, it’s wonderful, it’s amazing how I changed the ways I did. I’m really proud of myself for changing for the better. It makes me really happy. BUT.. some days I only go to the gym for cardio 🏃🏻‍♀️ and I simply do this because I love how it makes ME feel. I love the rush of the endorphins & all the sweat, yeah I f*ckn love that feeling. 😂 it makes me feel so accomplished, & I don’t get the same feeling from a “weightlifting” workout. . Everyone has their “thing” the thing that makes them feel alive, and escape reality for a while. And i know what MINE is. And I know it makes me the happiest. . Like I said, I am so proud of the progress I’ve made, but I don’t like how I feel.. and by that I mean, the extra muscle/lean mass I’ve put on, I don’t like how it makes me feel. My clothes don’t fit the same anymore, I feel “pudgy” and “fat” and I KNOW its muscle and it’s NOT fat guys 🙃 BUT in my mind, there are days I can’t stand how I feel, and I wish I would have stayed at the size I used to be. . SO I don’t know if “weightlifting” is for personally for me. I don’t think I’m going to continue that journey. I want to be the happiest possible.. and I know what makes me the happiest. I just really want to stick to cardio, I love running, I love the high intensity 🏃🏻‍♀️💦 . I know I am a small, petite person, but in my mind.. some days I don’t feel that way. I feel HUGE and I mentally cannot take it 💀 . No harm, no foul. I’m still going to be healthy, I’m still exercising and getting my heart rate up. I just will not be exercising the way I was. For the longest time I worked on my glutes/legs because I wanted to be “that girl” with a big butt. But I don’t like the extra weight feeling guys.. nope 👋🏽 Don’t be mad at me (lol) 😂 I just want to be happy 💕