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The Guy on the Right ➡️ @authorkatestewart ♥️ . Theo Houseman *swoon*, I can honestly say I love this book/ recommend it without a doubt. It had me cracking up but yet so in love with how Lainey and Theo started out. Love comes in so many forms, sometimes its instant and other times it all begins with a friendship.👫 Theo & Lainey are a must read! ♥️ .. Blurb. Strike One - My mother named me Theodore after her favorite chipmunk. Not cool, Mom. I‘ve spent most of my life answering to Teddy, because I couldn’t make Theo work. Except for here. College. The place where all bets are off, and I’ve managed to redeem myself. There’s only one problem, my new roommate, Troy, is football royalty and looks like he stepped off the set of an Abercrombie shoot. Doesn’t matter, I cook a mean breakfast for his panty parade, and we get along well. And anyway, this year I got the girl. And she’s perfect. That’s right. Theodore Houseman, former band geek, now marching band rock star has finally landed the girl of his dreams. Everything is perfect. That is, until Troy takes a good look at her. I’m not going down without a fight. As a matter of fact, I’m not going down at all. As glorious as these days may be for my all-star roommate, Laney is my end game. I may not know much about play strategy, but I’ve been the good guy my whole life. I’ve been listening and I know exactly what women want. Framed in a picture standing next to me, Troy may seem like Mr. Perfect, but he’s underestimating the guy on the right. Spoiler alert: In this story, the underdog is going to win. # #katestewartbooks #theguyontheright #authorsofinsta #kindlereads #recommendedreads #recommendedreading #amazonbooks #currentlyreading #bookstagrammer #books #bookstagram #lovebooks #reading #romance #bookblog #bookphotography #bookaholic #bookworm #booknerd #mustread #booklover #ebooklover #paperback #bibliophile #bookaddict
KOTAK HITAM SANG BURUNG MANYAR: Kebijaksanaan dan Kisah Hidup Romo Mangunwijaya . Romo Mangunwijaya semasa hidupnya termasuk manusia yang multidimensional. Begitu banyak bidang dan sisi kehidupan yang beliau tekuni sehingga saat berbicara tentang Romo Mangun, seperti masuk ke dalam samudra. Sangat banyak yang bisa dilihat, dibahas, dan dianalisis seperti tidak ada habisnya. Hal ini tampak dari buku ini yang memuat pelbagai gagasan, nasihat, kata bijak, serta ajaran yang disampaikan oleh Romo Mangun dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. . Dari pengalaman keseharian Romo Mangun, bagitu banyak yang bisa dijadikan sebagai pedoman hidup, entah dalam hidup bermasyarakat, berpolitik, maupun keutamaannya dengan rela berkorban, khususnya kepada mereka yang lemah, miskin, dan tersingkir. . Buku ini ibarat rekaman nasihat dan sharing pengalaman hidup dari Romo Mangun dalam upaya menjadi manusia yang siap hidup dan menghidupi lingkungan sekitarnya. Semoga semangat Romo Mangun dapat memberikan inspirasi bagi manusia untuk selalu berguru pada pengalaman hidup. Sudah selayaknya, buku ini tidak hanya dibaca, namun lebih dari itu, ditindaklanjuti dan dijabarkan secara nyata dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Selamat berguru pada pengalaman Romo Mangun... . Penulis: Y. Suyatno Hadiatmojo, Pr. Penerbit: Galang Press Tebal Buku: 110 halaman Dimensi: 14 x 20 cm ISBN: 978-602-8174-89-3 Harga: Rp. 61.000 Diskon 10% jadi Rp. 54.900 (Belum termasuk ongkos kirim) . Info & Pemesanan LINE -> @eaa7349c WA -> 08995675895 (Jangan SMS/Telp)
It’s #mapmonday in the #cozyinaugust19 challenge!!! Let’s be honest, I’m slacking off on doing this..but I’m trying I’m trying! ⁣ -⁣ QOTD: #1 favorite book/series to recommend⁣ AOTD: Keeper of the Lost Cities series🥰⁣ -⁣ This is a map of one of my favorite character ‘Bitterblue’s’ kingdom, of you’re looking for a coming of age, cute, and magical book to pic up, this is definitely the one💙⁣ -⁣Side note: my sister painted this and I’m so proud of how it’s coming along🥺 -⁣ ⁣ #bookstagramfeature #books #yareads #bookaddict #cozyroom #igreads #bookworm #bookishfeature #likeforlike #booklove #beautifulbooks #instagram #bookstagramer #bookstagram #biblophile #bookaholic #bookgram #book #bookphotography #booklover #booksofinstagram #mybookfeatures #kotlc #bitterblue
QOTD: We all judge books by their covers, do you judge books by their titles? Have you ever not read a book because of the title? Will a cool title get you to read a book? AOTD: In all honesty, I don’t pay too much attention to titles! 🙊 Other then to puzzle out the weird ones that don’t really match their contents. 😉 • • Day 19 of August #bookreadhappyhour: Doubt thou the stars are fire? | Stars or Fire in the title • Okay, other than the ever popular “Dark”, I’m pretty sure Star is the most popular word in the titles on my shelves. It is a pretty magical word, and invokes great imagery, and works well for both fantasy and sci-fi titles. Except maybe it’s just a bit overused? 😬 What would be a good substitution? Moon? Planets? Shiny balls of fire? This is why I’m not a writer...😉 ✨ ✨ #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #bookish #bookphotography #bookphoto #bookishfeatures #bibliophile #booklove #booknerd #bookworm #bookdragon #booklover #bookaddict #bookaholic #ilovebooks
I missed you yesterday, but I was just way too tired to post. I guess that’s what doing laundry and listening to an audiobook all day will do to you. 😆 #allthechores . It took me less than two days to listen to the audiobook of The Sentence is Death and I’ve never finished an audiobook that fast before! I’m kind of proud and it’s a testament to much I enjoyed the book. 😄 I love mysteries and trying to solve the crime along with the narrator (it’s not a detective in this series but a civilian) is one of my favourite things. AND GUESS WHAT? I was right about who the murderer was! But then I got sad that I was right. 😂 I don’t have a photo of The Sentence is Death but it’s the sequel to the above book, (which I do have photos of). 😉 Even though I’m getting really good at guessing who the murderers are you should still give this series a try because it’s amazing and creative! . ❓Are you happy or sad when you guess the ending of books? . #bookstagram #bibliophile #bookish #booklove #booklover #bookworm #booknerd #bookporn #bookaddict #bookoutside #bookandnature #AnthonyHorowitz #TheSentenceisDeath #TheWordisMurder #mystery #mysterybooks #audiobook #audiobooks #qotd #aotd #ReadandRiot #TerriReadandRiot
BUKU PAKETAN MURAH: 5buku = 100.000 saja Judul terdiri dari: 101 Hari Menulis dan Menerbitkan Novel, 55.000 Tip Sukses Meresensi Buku Di Koran, 59.800 9 Langkah Cepat Selesaikan Outline Tulisan Fiksi & Non Fiksi, 60.000 Yuk Menulis Esai, 35.000 Be A Writer: Strategi Alkemis Untuk Sukses Menulis, 36.000 Jumlah: 245.800 Dari harga segitu, kalian cukup bayar 100.000 saja! Murce kan? Ya murce lah 😂 Jadi silakan yang berminat, buruan pesan, karena stok cuma ada 1 paket saja yaa! Promo cuma saya posting sehari saja, habis itu dihapus Pemesanan bisa dm atau wa kesini: 089673226090 Terima kasih banyak, ditunggu pesanannya yaa 😁 #promobuku #promobukumurah #bukulangka #bukujadul #bukubekas #bukuseken #bukulawas #bukuterjemahan #jualbukunovel #jualbukusastra #jualbukubekas #jualbukuumum #jualbukuindonesia #bukubaru #bookstagram #book #booklover #bukusejarah #bukukiri #bukubagus #bukuklasik #fikfan #kumpulancerpen #bukubisnis #motivasi #pengembangandiri #obralbuku #rindangstok
#Repost @sidjyoti95 • • • • • • Book – Chronicles of the Mortal Vishnu Author – Antar Atreya Book Review – I found this mythological book so captivating that I wanted to just complete it out in one sitting, but that was clearly not possible, for a book of almost 400 pages. This book has a verse of Bhagawat Gita in the prologue which sets the right environment for the story. The story is about how Tejas, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, who is here to fight with all the evil powers. I have to say that the author’s writing style is good. The story engrossed me. The storytelling style is simple and good. In this book, interestingly, the author is also talking about social and economic problems, which is exciting to read. The imagination level of the author is just remarkable and awe-inspiring. The cover is just so wondrous with the lord’s shadow-picture on it. It is an interesting story of Lord Vishnu and other important characters. This book has a map, which makes it easier to understand the story and remember the geographical names and other important facts in mind. This book kept me engaged. The vocabulary used in the book is good. I would recommend this book to every single soul who is interested in reading mythological books. I believe the author has the potential to become a big name in the field of writing and literature. Highly recommended. #bookstoread #bookstagram #bookreview #bookishlove #literature #mythology #review #reviewer #bookrecommendation #bookreviewindia #indianreviewer #instagrammer #instabook #insta #instapic #bookaholic #bookaddict #kitaabikeeda #bookphotography #bookpic #photography #photoshoot #photographers_of_india #photooftheday #booknerdigans #booklover #booklove #booklife
Как проверить технику чтения самостоятельно👨🏻‍🏫👩🏻‍🏫 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♂️Ученики начальной школы периодически подвергаются испытанию чтением, технику которого учителя проверяют дважды в год. Для многих детей это настоящий стресс.  От испуга и волнения они просто не могут показать свои умения в полном объеме. Как с этим бороться? ☝🏻Заниматься и тренироваться дома или у нас на курсе SAPSAN «Техника чтения»! Необходимо выполнять специальные упражнения, которые помогут улучшить показатели. И обязательно оценивать результаты своих домашних занятий. Вот только как их оценивать правильно? Воспользуйтесь нашими советами.📈📉 Технология проверки техники чтения на дому:📝 🙇🏻‍♀️- Выбрать подходящее время. Ребенок должен быть в хорошем настроении и нормально себя чувствовать. - 🖥📺💻Устранить все отвлекающие факторы:  телевизор, компьютер, мобильный телефон. - ⏱Приготовить все необходимое: секундомер (или часы с секундной стрелкой) и книжку. - 🗣Сказать «Начали». В этот момент ребенок начинает читать. - Следить за временем и в это же время внимательно слушать, обращая внимание на выразительность и возможные ошибки. - 🗣Сказать «Стоп», когда секундомер отсчитает ровно минуту. В этот момент читать прекращаем. - Перейти к оценке результатов. При оценке учитываются следующие параметры: - ⏱скорость, определяется количеством слов, которые ребенок успел прочитать за минуту. При подсчете как отдельные слова учитываются союзы и предлоги, а также если слово переносится на новую строку. Не учитываются знаки препинания. - 🧠понимание, для проверки осознанности, задайте ребенку два или три вопроса по тексту. Пересказывать ничего не надо. Ответов на ваши вопросы будет достаточно; - 💡выразительность - обращайте внимание на выразительность, наличие интонационных пауз, логических ударений, допущенные ошибки. Нельзя останавливать ребенка во время проверки и указывать ему на эти ошибки. С ними разберетесь уже после того, как проверка завершится. 🚀Записывайтесь в SAPSAN! 📚📚📚📚 ☎️8778 000 15 70 ☎️8778 420 01 02 🏠Наш адрес: 15мкр-70 дом, Офис 1/1 ————————————————————- #sapsan_интенсив #скорочтениеактау #skoroоsen #book #booklover #reading #книжнаяполка #литература #логика #мышл