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No words for how much I love this one. ❤ my world and more. The past 7 months have been amazing with this one. Making memories & many more memories to come in the future. 😘 looking forward to our first holiday together in 2 weeks. Can't wait. I love you lots babe. Thank u for making me the happiest girl ever ❤😘 @matt.price.86 #boyfriendgirlfriend #happycouple xx
Healthy doesn't always mean diet and working out. Relationships with the people around you are also a part of it (doesn't have to be a bf /gf thing but could be a relationship with your boss or parents). The healthy relationships are the ones that despite a tiny argument you can look at them and know you can count on them and make you stronger emotionally. The toxic ones are the ones that you constantly question, the ones that cause you harmful stress, tears and pain. No matter how much they meant to you, know what you are worth and that you and know that it's life trying to guide you. #relationships #friendships #boyfriendgirlfriend #parents #loveisloveright #notoxic #healthy #healthyrelationships #healthyfriends
Saturday's activity 😂 mine and @carlallen1991 fort. Growing up doesn't have to be all about bills, work and boring sh*t all the time 😀 no matter how old you are you can still be a big kid and build a fort with your other half and hide away from the world for few hours 😂😂😂 #fort #builtafort #bedfort #adultfort #nopassword #noentry #bigkids #nevetgrowingup #nevertoold #alwayslaughing #neverstopsmiling #lifelaughlove #withmyman #boyfriendgirlfriend #relationshipgoals #bfgffort #beingdaft #beingsilly #sohappy 😊❤❤❤❤
so thankful you've walked into my life 😍😳 these past few months you've been nothing but a blessing 🙏🙌 // &yes i am using the goals hashtag bc although we aren't everyone's goals we are MY goals. 💗 and idk wtf i was doing w my hand???? but other than that its a super cute picture! also i was super iffy about posting the 1st one bc BELLY but hey like i said this its super cute. and besides #bigisbeautiful. #goals #relationship #boyfriendappreciation #babyyouablessing #boyfriendgirlfriend #powercouple #mybaby #boothang #plussizedgirl #chubbybutlovely #fatisntabadword #lilbitofbellyneverhurtnobody
Every morning I wake up to these two dorks running around the house like a couple of wild animals. However, after they play, Mister takes a few moments to clean Charlies ears and face and then they nap. In the past month I have seen playful banter, kisses on walks (yes, they kiss) and patience as Mister lets Char eat and drink first. Though most the photos are of them sleeping, their days are jam packed with dog park trips, fetch, tug-o-war, doggy treats from Dutch Bros and amateur wrestling. Mister and I are both going to be so sad after Charlie leaves today, but we are so thankful to have had her with us. Though the living space and transition wasn't as easy as hoped, it was the biggest blessing to our home. Things just won't be the same without you Princess Charles. 👑🐶🐕❤💔 #pleasedontgo #yourecrying #bestfriends #boyfriendgirlfriend #puppylove