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Can't believe it's been a week already since I married my best friend, it's completely flown by... having such an amazing time on holiday and can't believe it's almost coming to an end. My family mean the absolute world to me. The last week has shown me exactly how much I have and I'm so lucky to be able to be in the situation I'm in. Wouldn't have it any other way 💕 #1week #gotmarried #tattooedbride #weddingdoves #dove #doves #mr&s #brideandgroom
Since I couldn't spend Father's Day this year with my Father, this #TBT goes to him. I remember this day like yesterday! The moment when I made one of the biggest decisions of my life to marry my Best Friend! Since my Dad was an amputee, he couldn't walk me down the aisle, but he made sure he was front and center to personally give his baby girl away! He was a hard worker, go getter, with a strong personality and many of his quality were instilled in me. Miss him dearly but thankful for the time we spent together!!!
At the end of the day, no matter good weather or bad, sun or rain, perfect or not this is what it's all about two becoming Mr. & Mrs. 👌🏾 #britsandbalmers #cyeweddings
A little late to the party, but haaay summer! ☀️ We're excited for your beautiful chaos and thrilled to see what you have in store. 📷: @boothphotographics
*not pictured*: the sounds of friends old and new sharing stories of the couple over wine, parents of the bride and groom giving "the youth" a run for their money on the dance floor, and the sweetest doggie making pit stops at every table for belly scratches and scraps of food. Yeah. It was a pretty perfect evening.
The couple from Australia eloped at Grand Central Terminal! It's so New York~! Love it!!
Brittney + California dreams 😍