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Thanks giving dinner I had Monday night! I was so excited! @lia.marra talked me into brining the turkey so I did the night before as well as stick some butter under the skin before roasting. Had 2 potatoes, one plain with tarragon, the other a mix with carrot and rutabega. I had garden salad and roast ham and then some experiments! I roasted Brussels sprouts with prosciutto, balsamic and truffle honey. The other experiment was coined sweet potatoes with black truffle salt and lastly I tried to recreate my grandma's broccoli and cheese casserole. We had some family friends over and even had a lady from Manitoba drop by with my aunty. I am thankful for the beautiful food and awesome family to share with! It wasn't too long ago that I couldn't even afford a Turkey so this means a lot to me to have enough to share <3<3 I cooked all day while watching the Hobbit trilogy. The best!! #love #food #latergram #famjam #abundance #turkeydinner #potatoes #mucha #brining #brinedturkey #leftovers #lovemymomma #yeg #goodtimes #foodies #thankful #thehobbit
For the most moist roast turkey 🦃, first brine the bird for 24 hours. Everyone will definitely thank you for it. Brining recipe below. #brinedturkey #roastturkey #canadianthanksgiving 🇨🇦 #thanksgiving #happythanksgiving #turkeyrecipe #moistturkey #homemadeturkey Turkey Brining Recipe: 2 gallons water (7.5 liters); 2 lemons (squeeze the juice into the water and drop the rind in the mixture too); 1 tbsp peppercorn; 2 garlic heads (crush the cloves and add to the water); 6 bay leaves; Handful of fresh herbs (e.g. rosemary, sage, thyme), coarsely chopped; 1 cup honey; 2 cups brown sugar; 1 cup salt. Heat above until almost boiling. Let cool and then use a brining solution for your turkey. Turn the turkey over halfway through the brining process to get an evenly moistened roast.