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We had a major scare last night. I was an absolute nervous wreck, a mess. Buddy (my cat) ran out. My sliding door in kitchen wasn't fully closed and the little punk can open it 💪🏻😼 We have a tracking device (Loc8tor) on him but it's not a GPS... it's more like playing a game of hot & cold, where the remote goes from red to yellow to green & makes sounds & they get louder as you get closer to him. It also only works up to 400ft. Normally, when he gets out (escape artist he is!) I find him quickly & easily with the locator. Not last night. All around my block, in neighbor's yards & no signal was picking up. We drove around the block behind me & got out & the device was picking up signal but we still didn't find him. After another hour, I insisted we go back to the spot the signal was picking up. The gate was way too high to jump, so we had to get back in the car to get into this block that he was by! We pull into the. Lock & headed towards the gate we were by on other side & the signal starting getting louder. There he was...Sitting on someone's front porch!! An absolutely beautiful house, at least lol. We have no idea why he ended up there. It was further than I've ever known him to go, but luckily & thank God 🙏🏻 he didn't go into any streets as he got where he was through backyards. He was definitely scared when we found him & I don't know if he would've found his way home. I wouldn't want to chance it. So at midnight last night, I went on Amazon to search for newer pet tracking and found this bad boy that arrived with free one day shipping. It's all set up, activated and on his collar!!! I'm not playing around but certainly being extra cautious with doors and ensuring he doesn't get out!!! 😼I wanted to share this for my other fellow pet parents!!!
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