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Have you been pitching but finding it difficult to close the sale? Somehow those you are speaking don't seem interested in what you have to offer? When this happens, you may find that you are not in tune with the prospects' priorities. Take a step back, re-assess and find a way to align your offering with what the customer needs.  #UnlockPotential #business   #buildcapacity #entrepreneur #kenya #nairobi #africa
Доброе утро земля!!! Сегодня осуществилась моя очередная мечта, встретить рассвет на океане, лично для меня зрелище потрясающее. Советую записать каждому в список целей, а кто его не имеет - начните как можно скорее, осуществление каждой цели выводит на новый уровень не только эмоций, но и на новый уровень жизни✊ #sobor #soborhoneymoon #dominikana #relax #trip #business #swig #skywayinvestgroup #invest #skyway
You are a summary of the five people you hang out with the most! Do they lift you higher and make you want to be better or do they bring you down? 🤔
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Dodge Charger, 1977
Called these trades on my free signal channel 😎 Link in bio.