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Schedule your FREE intro call now by clicking here - (link on Instagram profile) . A real commitment but life changing in ways that I never expected. . I know this is just the beginning but the changes that have occurred and the experiences I am having since starting mentoring with Jamie are really something else. Jamie has a very warm and open nature that has put me at ease and continues to remind me of who I truly am. I am now making decisions based on my feelings, not my head, something I had lost touch with. The sessions have also been extremely supportive in getting out of my story and realising that what has happened and what is going to happen is perfect, without question. This is a huge commitment - to yourself - but well worth it and truly life changing. - Amy Lavelle . Not so rude awakening . An absolute challenge to rewire my software, but loving the awakenings and realisations. To stop asking for the 'why' or any reasons has been key. Alongside the mantra 'nothing matters', this has really helped me 'chill out' and not 'sweat the smalls'. I will continue my work, as its never complete, and stop limiting myself and my story. I highly recommend Jamie and share gratitude for all I have learned. Peace - Jeff Lack . Wild and free and truely me. . Working with Jamie as my mentor has been a life changing decision. He has helped me to see for myself who I truely am and begin to be brave enough to live my life, wild and free to be truely me. - Sarah Taylor . Schedule your FREE intro call now by clicking here - (link on Instagram profile)