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So happy that I found a dress! I thought I wouldn't even find one that I liked or felt comfortable in! However we went to three different stores and found dresses that I loved at each store but didn't feel sold on just one yet! However at my last appointment they in a last minute decision Pulled one more dress and And it was the one! It had everything I loved in all of the previous dresses! Being a plus size bride can be hard but if you find the right style and fit you can find the perfect dress! I loved Ashley from Bridal Boutique of lewisville @bblewisville and our experience there! I could not of imagined yesterday going any different! #weddingdressshopping #isaidyestothedress # #sohappy #awesomeexperience #cantwaittogetmarried
Is it acceptable to wear your "Miss to Mrs" sash during your workout if you're 4 days out from the wedding....? 🤣💪🏼 #misstomrs #4daystogo #soexcitedd
Cheeky 🍻🍺 earlier after my dress fitting....i did not want to take it off 😍👰 #CantWaitToGetMarried
Workout for the day is done!💪🏼 - Just reminding you guys that we only have 7 days left of the All Access Pass Promo, so if you're interested in it you better let me know before Saturday as I will be busy with wedding festivities 😍😍 {6 days till our big day also😍} #weregettingsoclose #imsoexcitedijustcanthideit