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Endurance adventure over 6 counties today. Gorgeous countryside marred only by the ever-present headwind! Encourages the aero position and makes you strong at least... 180km, 1700m climb, 31kph average and back for lunch. All about the early! . #precisioncoaching
Challenge Samorin, Slovakia 2017. Samorin is a small town in Slovakia, around 30k southeast from Bratislava. The starter field was worthwhile the name, nobody missing from Brownlee to Sanders to #sebastiankienle and many more well known names for fans of triathlon sport. So Susann Kraeftner grabbed the camera and took the perspective of an outsider – enjoy. . . . #endurance #athlete #triathlon #ironmantriathlon #nutrition #health #naturopathy #challengefamily #ironmantraining #im703 #top_triathletes #biestbooster #workout #ironmantri #swimbikerun #bike #swim #lchf #healthychoices #eathealthy #runitfast #roadtokona #marathon #biestmilchforbreakfast
A little belated, but...thanks to #challengefamily and #challengesamorin for a great race on June 3rd at the incredible xbionicsphere in Slovakia! After a bit of a battle with the heat I was stoked to finish as the first AG woman in my first triathlon since 2011 (and my second since...2003 😳). 👍👍 #twothumbsup
It was not so hot...
How much water can push behind you to help improve your distance per stroke? The AIM of this next Sequence of Drills is to teach you how to perform an effective Catch for Freestyle. This sequence of front crawl drills helps you focus on the entry, catch, pull and push phases of the stroke, and balance and rotation. You can use fins. Shoulders rotate to a Flat position before the Elbow has bent to its maximum level. Ensure you maintain Correct Balance at all times. As always, the Top of the Head stays Underwater when rotating to breathe This step adds a Core driven body Rotation to the Elbow Bend, by starting in a Side Position Catch while Rotating to a 'flat' position BEFORE allowing any Pull to take place. Wait for 6-10 kicks after each breath in your Side Kick position before rotating into the next catch and pull. Improved rotation and feel for the water and enhanced catch position Six  kick with correct catch Kick on your side for 6 kicks, then with a slow recovery and high elbow, do 1 stroke and rotate to the other side to repeat This steps adds the other arm to the sequence, as a Six Kick drill All other aspects of this drill should be correct, but your main aim is the Correct Catch, properly Timed with your rotation. To learn these drills and more to help your u improve your front crawl technique book a series of swimming lessons with Nick from Speedy Swimming at Guildford Lido Www.speedyswimming.Co.Uk speedyswimming 07958635142