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He Like That 😍🎶
This Is What It Takes (Chapter 24): __________________________ I wake in Shawn’s arms all warm and fuzzy. I snuggle into him as i feel him chuckle. “Good Morning darling.” He says in a warm morning voice. I just smile and continue to cuddle with him. “Any news with Marien” He asks. I take a deep breath and lay on my back “nope.” I sigh. “Why would you lie?” He raises an eyebrow. Oh right Shawn can read my mind. “I didn’t think it was that important” i look at him propping myself up on my elbow. “And can you please stop doing that.” I say a little to harsh. “Do What?” He looks at me puzzled. “Read my mind please stop.” I say like a spoiled ignorant child. “Sorry” i look down. ________ Later that day Shawn went to see Marien. He said he would be back before the sun fell below the trees but now the moon has fully risen. I grab my clock shaking as I tie the string. What if I’m not enough for him? I take a deep breath and wrap my cloak around me as I enter the harsh winter wind. I take each step with caution looking for men waiting to take me. Entering the main square I can see right through her window. She’s leaning over Shawn and Shawn isn’t stopping her. Just what I feared. I’m not enough. Tears began to well in my eyes. No. I’m not going to let another man hurt me. “Ohh” I hear behind me. Turning around I see a drunk. “The only women out this late are the whores. How much?” He gives a cocky grin that makes me slap him so hard he falls to the ground. Turning back around I see Shawn leaving with her hands in his. Reminding myself. Men will hurt me no more. I say that over and over as I sprint back to the house my lungs raw and chilled from the winter air. I hang my cloak up and race up the ladder. I throw my wool dress off and grab my silk sleeping gown. I lay in my own single bed as I here Shawn enter the house calling my name. He walks up the ladder and I hear his footsteps. There is no pain here. Just pure hatred. Then he whispers something I can not hear and climbs into his bed. _________