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Vi auguriamo una buona serata con le immagini degli esami dei nostri ragazzi di 4A e 4B 🥰
Very proud of the talented students of this year’s Rhapsody Songster program at Washington Middle School. The profound, system-wide dysfunction of Seattle’s public school system is a growing challenge to programs like ours, but these students and their parents make it all worth it. Really delighted that at least 2 of the students here joined our Music & Heritage Program and will be coming with us to blues camp in Port Townsend! Shoutout to Beth Fortune who founded this dimension of our work, to @jaredsessink and @blake.sau for their support, and to the other folks pulling for us to keep it rolling! #seattle #publicschools #music #class #2019 #afterschool @seattleparksandrec @seattle_neighborhoods @cityofseattle_deel @cityofseattlewashington