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Working on a new Kitchen Design for one of my clients. She is not clear on what she wants but she wants it to be impressive 🙌🏼 ➡️ To me impressive means, ceiling height cabinets and good trim work !!
When your girl brings fire And had to repost 🔥🔥 Love the concept hun 😘😘❤ What do you guys think? #repostwednesday from @patiencegop - CLICK LINK ON BIO 💕.....When you thought you were linking up with Tyson Beckford but end up with Flava Flav Dance by ; @patiencegop Produced by ; @afrodance1 Filmed by ; @mctvuk Directed by; @sean__tay Concept by; @patiencegop Music by ; @papermakerastar ft @therealdjflex #eggplant I have never actually performed this combo, here it is with a twist 🙏 Thank you guys so much! Herve', Micheal, and boo, so happy with this video... plz leave your comments comments and feedback, very much appreciated! Link on bio ❤️ #repost #afro #fiyah #dance #concept #dope #slay