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Cute black girl and his #asianboyfriend This world is controlled by hollywood and western media. And it's sad bc they do not want Asian men to be seen or considered as sexy or hot But thanks to social media , we now can spread the truth that any men regardless of skin color can be sexy and hot 🔥 If you're an Asian guy or a girl who's open minded , plz share this post or even start your own social media channel like this one so that we can fight the Hollywood as a team👍 #internationaldating #interracialcouple #interacialdating #amwf #amwfcouple #asianmen #asianguy #couple #dating #asianboys #koreanboy #koreanguys #sexyasianmen #dateasians #whitegirl #whitegirls #blondes #blonde #brunette #latinas #latina #blackgirls #koreanboys #asiansbelike #asianmemes #interacialcouples #couples #cutecouples #couplegoals
Chat Holli Yayam Happy Birthday🎉❤️ I felt you! You were a pea. Then a lemon. Then an eggplant. I followed advice. I read books, I googled & I quit caffeine. Something I had experienced before became something new with you. Could you tell I was excited? I talked to you, I rubbed you, I woke you up at times just to feel you and I sang to you. I was ready! Then you came🙏🏾. Ten toes, ten fingers and 6 pounds. The chubbiest baby I’ve ever carried. Perfectly perfect to us. Most of all loved. Big L❤️VE! I held you. I fed you. I realized I would spend my life doing things to make you happy and safe, and that that would me make me happy! My heart melts when you smile and say “mamma”. When you grab my hand with those little fingers. We’re growing together. We’re seeing the world like its new. I will open my heart and love will rain down all over you. You’ll giggle and I’ll do it all over again. I’ll protect you and guide you. And we will walk hand in hand. Until you let go. You’re my miracle, my shining star 🌟. I constantly go between wanting you to be my baby forever, and being excited about all the amazing things you’ll do in your life. Happy Birthday Papi🎉 I heart you with all of me. Thank you for choosing me as your mother🙏🏾❤️
Repost from @adamcappa: No one can give you what you truly need except for Jesus. Don't try to replace Him with other relationships 💕