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When you get up in the morning you have a choice!! I live to be with my son. That's my first priority. You can look forward to the day ahead, or you can fucking dread it. And much of that choice depends on how much you like what you’re getting ready to do for the next 16 hours before it’s time to hit the hay again. I used to struggle to get my ass out of bed every day ... I had lost myself, I was depressed and my life wasn't looking anything like I had envisioned it. I made a choice to give my head a wobble, sort my shit out and create my ideal life for myself and my family. I was determined to wake up every day eager to get stuck in, eager to work, eager to fucking live and eager to feel awesome amounts of happiness. Of course, we’re not going to love everything we end up doing during the day (I don’t know many of us that look forward to washing dishes or pairing up socks) ... But you should be able to find some things to look forward to, things that light us up, things that make us jump out of bed and ready to take action. And the more of that you can work into your life, the more fulfilled and happy you’ll be. Is the work your choose to do something you look forward to or something you dread? If you’re not having fun and enjoy what you’re doing, it may be time to look into making some important changes! If you need change you need in click the Link in the bio. #linkinbio #parenthood #mompreneur #momlife #momboss #pregopreneur #pregnant #couplesgoals #personaldevelopment #healthandwellness #ahhjoyfuljourney #entrepreneurs #parentprenuer #ig #igmoms #igdads #purpose
Enjoy the moment! Have a great #MemorialDay Weekend ahead!