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Since displaying this bed on the shop floor in our Heathway branch sales have rocketed .. such a strong chunky bed finished to the highest standard . This bed is also available in light oak . But is Out of stock ATM. This is by far the strongest chunkiest bed we stock .. Double £499 Kingsize £599 Frame only price .... #bed #bedroom #cozy #solid #wood #rolo #bedroom #goals #cozysuites
It maybe sunny and 70s today, but rainy and 50s is just a few days away. #ready #cozy
It's a cool, crisp morning here ❤️. Can't get enough of this in the diffuser. Aaaand making banana pancakes, Paleo Jack Johnson style. Yayyyyyyy Saturday! 🍊💕🎉 . . . . . #flannelweather #sweaterweather #youngliving
As a child, I went to a Catholic elementary school. I looked forward to two things each, and every year. Summer vacation, and the kit sale. As students we never knew when the kit sale was coming, but once it arrived we were sent to the gymnasium for a “meeting.” We were instructed to grab our carpet swatches, and sit cross legged on the gym floor. The point was if we sold x amount of wrapping paper, wolf t-shirts, peanut brittle, and whatever else he wanted us to sell we were eligible for said prizes. So each year as soon as the school bell rang, I started my rounds and sold the heck out of that wrapping paper. Raising the startup funds for @millennialcurrency has greatly reminded me of this experience, and brought me right back to the "kit sale days." So get ready, I was the top seller in my class and I wasn't even that passionate about wolf shirts. I'm calling on you to help us support local artisans and business owners. Let's go!
The cooler months are upon us. We’re inspired by all the cashmere’s, wools and knits in fabric collections this season. Get cozy with a collection of custom throws and pillows designed and made locally here in Chicago 🍃 #basiafrossardprojects #cozy #cashmere