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This is my cousin and her boyfriend johnathan sorry if I didn't spell your name right but my cousin is my fav cousin plz plz plz treat her right I love my baby girl so much and I love u making her happy so keep up the good work love y'all so much #cutestcoupleever @_katelyn_morgan @cooper9414
This was from when @chrismannmusic first began his run as Phantom back in Nov 2014. 😍 It's amazing how much has happened since and I believe they've had about 28 months in the show when you combine both of their runs ❤ It's going to be werid with no Mann in the show now and I just hope to see more awesome projects from them !😘 It will always hurt me that I couldn't see them but I just hope they'll come to my area😬~Alyssa #lauramann #chrismann #phantomoftheopera #phantomustour #thephantomoftheopera #phantom #poto #cutestcoupleever