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we hit 200 the other day and that's so !!! thank you guys !!! -t
I W A N T F U C K I N W H A T A B U R G E R >>:(((((
**20 Day Cosplay Challenge** Day 4 - Cheapest/Most Expensive Cosplay I can easily say Rocket Raccoon is the most expensive. With the amount of makeup and materials purchased, I don't even want to MENTION how much money was spent. It was over an extended period of time, a bit here, a lot there, but it adds up when you sit down and crunch the numbers. Cheapest is Dean/Deanna Winchester. Mostly just thrift store clothes purchases, with the occasional Amazon shirt. Super comfy, though. It's my "walk the floor at con and buy all the things" costume. ;) Rocket Raccoon photo courtesy of @destryhoover #Baby/ #Metallicar (1967 Chevy Impala): @lady67impala Sam "Sammi" Winchester: @ftf_cosplay #marvel #guardiansofthegalaxy #gotg #RocketRaccoon #starlord #supernatural #spnfamily #spn #winchester #familybusiness #cwspn #cosplay #costume #cosplayersofinstagram #cosingacommotion #CalendarGirl #cosplayer
misha & osric 👌🏻 - t
baby jensen 😍😭 -t
yo! sorry i've been mia these last few days, i've had a lot to do. but to make up for it, here's a cute picture of jensen & jj💕 - t
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