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Ojalá no todos nuestros anhelos se petrificaran en recuerdos, ojalá no todos nuestros suspiros se escaparan para siempre.../ I wish not all our yearnings were petrified in memories, I wish not all our sighs run away forever... #Memories #Childhood #Shadows #lightandshadow #Perspective #People #globe_people #globe_visuals #Earth #earth_shotz #PhotoDocumentary #Photography #street #street_photography #Click_Vision #vsco #globe #dailylife #Life #Beautiful #storytelling #Instagram #travelgram #Travel_Photography #Travel_Inspiration #igers #México #Igers_mexico #Loves_mexico #PhotoOfTheDay
I Am So Basic Suburban mom suburban life. Driving the minivan to soccer games. Walking kids to school in yoga pants and a messy bun. Just call me basic. I take my kids apple picking, I drink pumpkin spiced lattes, we look at Christmas lights in the park. In the summer you can find me at the pool trying to look like I have my shit together. Big coffee mug with a sassy saying helps greet the day. A large glass of wine or a vodka and soda helps me through homework, dinner, and bedtime. I go to Zumba because I love bread. Kale and quinoa are delicious, but so are all those chocolate chip cookies and Rice Krispie treats I make with the kids. I pack lunches like a boss and make sure there is something healthy in there. I can change a diaper anywhere anytime. I wipe snot like a pro. I can carpool with the best of them. I know what color plate and the favorite tv show. I clean house blaring Adele and Taylor Swift. I'm not even ashamed. We go to a Target just to walk around. I can always find something I don't need. I've got my Uggs and Northface coat, I wear flannel and brown boots over my jeans. I love my scented candles in the fall. We go to story time and lap sit. I take my toddler to get her nails done with me. I Netflix and chill. By that I mean I Netflix at 9pm in my bed and fall asleep. If I have been made a hostage to my house by toddlers, I have no shame in breaking out for brunch and mimosas. We do Taco Tuesday, but I swear it is because my 7yo loves it. Though I feel no compunction about taking a picture for Instagram with #tacotuesday. I know who and what I am. I am totes basic. I admit it. #basic #momlife #dailylife #momblogger