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HAVAS 70 by Tuukka Halonen for Showroom finland - HAVAS is a special pendant made-to-measure lamp designed by Tuukka Halonen. It is disassembled in a box with mounting instructions.
Freed1995 225$ (🇨🇦) 🌐"VISA & Freed1995" 🏁DM for sizing 🚨 💧'Ing
@katiephythiandesign here again, midway through day one of my @thortful takeover. The Christmas collection is taking shape, just going through my @pantone swatch to make sure I get the colours just right. I love different fonts & enjoy using them to create my Thortful card designs with quirky captions. I find inspiration everywhere, especially when I am on my travels around France on my bike!
Just because some concepts are not chosen doesn’t mean they should be forgotten. I especially enjoyed creating these concepts for Hartland, and I also created a set of custom typeface to go with the presentation. #lovemyjob