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Chasing your dreams leads to living a reality you always pictured in your head while you were working hard to get there, . Today I am standing at a traffic intersection thinking of all the hard work I did in order to get to where I am now, . Today I can say I have safely and soundly arrived to where I want to be, . It’s a beautiful journey once you start reaping the seeds of your efforts, . #videojournalist #videojournalism . @sightsoftravel @usatravelers @visitseattle @seattletimes . #travelazing #dreamylittleplaces #thegoodlife #travelgram #getoutthere #exploreeverything #travel #adventure #bucketlist #solotravel #travelstgram #roundtheworld #traveltheworld #darlingplaces . #shoreline #mountlaketerrace #edmondswa
Happy hump day! Loving that I can now casually go for after work tea and cake with my bae if I want to @abbiewithell 🙌🏼💕
All the dreamy lights at Lantern Lounge in Hanoi ❤️🌟
NBC has rights to the Olympics through 2032. Here's a little behind-the-scenes action from training. #PyeongChang2018 🥇⛸
Narrowboating - gentle pastime of men with beards, right? Not so, folks. It's becoming quite trendy on all accounts with a lot of hipsters heading out on the open waters. I'm not a hipster (I'm as uncool as they come!) but I did enjoy a long weekend with @bearboating recently along with 3 mates. Check out the new post I've written about how we managed - link in bio. Spoiler: it wasn't as easy as we thought it would be!
Never tired of these golden streets 🌙 (in other news I got bitten by a mosquito 8 times last night - what is happening we are nearly in December)
The very first job I had back in 2001 was a marketing guy for a landscape company, . That’s when I was influenced by the term “climb the corporate ladder of success”, . I later realized that the real “ladder” is “doing what you love” and I found that in working different jobs because the more I learn the more I feel alive, . If I stop learning it only means one thing; I am dead . “Every man dies, not every man really lives”-Mel Gibson . #bellevue #seattle . @sightsoftravel @usatravelers @visit .city @times . #travelazing #dreamylittleplaces #thegoodlife #travelgram #getoutthere #exploreeverything #travel #adventure #bucketlist #solotravel #travelstgram #roundtheworld #traveltheworld #darlingplaces