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Foggy Days 💨
Don't look down 🙈
Working hard or hardly working 🌴🌴 it's been a fun few days so far helping with @jcrew while there on Maui⚡️
All you need is less
You are all four seasons rolled into one. You're the cold winter snow in the warm summer sun.
The city itself its a living history book. We carry in our blood our culture, we have it carved proudly in our skin. Being Mexican its such a privilege, we are hard workers who put the heart on everything that we do, we are people able to fight for their loved ones and more so we are the ones that dont give up easily! It doesn't matter how much we get bullied, we remain strong! 💕 #freedomthinkers #mexicocity #traveler #travel #mimexico #mexico #passionphoto #worldsbestshots #postcardsfromtheworld #earthpix
Resolvendo as pendências na meca... No vídeo uma boa tentativa no Nem tudo que reluz é ouro V13 aberto pelo @felipe.hoo ano passado! Acredito que depois de alguns betas novos v12 seja ideal pra esse clássico na cave do Labirinto! Interessante essa nova função do Instagram... perfeito pra compartilhar aqueles shots incríveis que apesar de não estarem no feed nunca saíram da galeria do cel... Valeu pela inovação @instagram @instagrambrasil
Solar-Powered Supertree Grove at the Garden by the Bay in Singapore