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Opening those doors, stepping foot inside the ICEHOTEL for the first time. There's nothing quite like it. #IceFlight
Who needs a down jacket when you can sport a traditionally made seal skin jacket with a wolverine fur trim and mittens made of polar bear fur! This will easily keep you warm in -35C weather! Fun Fact: Wolverine fur is used in many traditional garments as it is durable and it's able to resist frost! Our customers sure love trying these on!!! ( @_apegg)
Dalla nostra community ufficiale: Melfi sotto la neve. 📷 photo by: Michele Brescia 📷 con nikon #D3200
Views from above the resort☀️ 📷: @traveljunkiediary • 🌎 Qasr Al Sarah Desert Resort, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates • ❤️ Tag who you will travel with
~ We spent an amazing journey in Helsinki design district with #stopoverFinland. We knew so many designers and we cannot waiting to telling you some super tips! You can see more on our Instagram stories ✨~ Adoro comprare cose durante i nostri viaggi. Colleziono sabbie da tutto il mondo, piccolo principe in tutte le lingue e bandiere da attaccare allo zaino. E poi adoro comprare vestiti che indosso durante l'anno e che mi riportano indietro ai miei viaggi passati ❤ e voi cosa collezionate durante i vostri viaggi? Intanto mia valigia c'è un nuovo vestito di @ivanahelsinkishop che aspetta di essere indossato.