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It's completely surreal getting a message from my friend @calebjsaenz with a link to a tattoo of one of my lyrics (not his tattoo, to be clear). I'm very pleased that it's such a beautiful tattoo and that it nails the spirit and larger story of the song The Arrow Darkens. It's a song about a memorable night I spent in the company of @japearonster and @karinlaneerwin and some other folks. I was at the tail end of cancer treatment and was just beginning to breathe the sweet air of freedom and normalcy again. It was 4th of July weekend and we were at Karin's family's place on the Olympic peninsula. I have very fond memories of watching the fireworks there and of watching the fire on the shoreline as it got dark. 🔥🌲 #Repost @angiedemztattoos ・・・ Still swollen but had a good art sesh with with one :) thanks buddy! #yyctattoo #lanscape #dotworktattoo #tattooapprentice #electricodysseytattoo
Little sketchy bird from yesterday :) Thank you Rachel!