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💢Thanksgiving” 2003, by American artist, John Currin (b. 1962) 💢 @tate 💢💢💢 “This oil painting by John Currin, depicts in fine detail three young women of similar appearance (thin with pale skin and blonde hair) within an ornate setting decorated with marble columns, a chandelier and a silver-framed mirror. 💢The woman on the left of the composition, holding the silver lid of a saucepan in one hand, feeds a spoon to a woman in a black dress next to her, who is arching her neck and opening her mouth in a manner reminiscent of a young bird or fish. 💢The third woman, who is wearing a brown smock, sits on the right of the painting with her head bowed and a grape in her hand. 💢On the table in front of the women is an enormous uncooked turkey, along with a bunch of grapes, an onion, a white plate and a vase of flowers (which contains both decaying and vibrant roses). 💢Although the title Thanksgiving refers to the American holiday when turkey is traditionally served, the highly mannered style of this work – as well as the somewhat anachronistic clothing and décor depicted – seems to recall the tradition of northern European Renaissance painting.”~Tate💢 Currin has claimed that Thanksgiving, completed in New York, was “a failed painting” that sat around in his studio, (since 1980’s) until he decided to return to it when his wife, the artist Rachel Feinstein, became pregnant. 💢 His wife, who Currin has often used as a model in his paintings, modelled for this work too. 💢 It took Currin nine months to finish this painting; turning it into an allegory of Rachel’s pregnancy. 💢 Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! 💢💢💢 #johncurrin #americanartists #genrepainting #happythanksgivingday #neomannerism #europeanart #mannerism #figurativeart #elongatedfigures #gallery #americanthanksgiving #artoftheday #artoflooking #contemporaryart #contemporaryartists #artobserved #artblogging #arttalks 💢💢💢