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Justin and I couldn’t be more opposites. He is the quiet type, and I know all the words to Gangster’s Paradise. However, we couldn’t be more made for each other! We met at church through our mothers, and really hit it off. After 5 years of dating we got married in 2013 and now we are living our best life! Our future is riddled with kids, family vacations, and we cant wait to get old together. Tell us about your special someone!
Sweet Charlotte ✨
We simply ❤️ FAB weddings. Snopi prečudovitih detajlov, ki preženejo tudi dežne kaplje in rišejo nasmehe. Butične dogodkovne rešitve za vsako dušo! #FABwedding
Zimmerman delivering yet another stunning collection. These would make the perfect bridesmaids dresses or that high end summer soirée. Our favourite is the middle combo, who doesn't love a high waisted gold skirt balanced nicely with a flamenco-esque top?? Which would you pick? ✨ @zimmermann #flamenco #frills #allthatglittersisgold #