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'You need to believe, in yourself like I do' 🎧🎤 Guys don't worry, everyone gets nervous and shaky sometimes and everyone lacks confidence- just embrace it and don't let rude people make you feel bad for being yourself and doing what you love. Do all the scary things I reckon 👏👏 annndd, go check out @alldaychubbyboy new album: Speeding -- its extra fab 🎤See you Friday Sydney 🍴📸🎥✈️ @tannerandteague @alldaychubbyboy
I started hooping 7 years ago. That first year I would eat, sleep, dream hoop. I ended up leaving my parents house spontaneously and living with a friend that Summer where I would hoop ALL the time. I wish I still had that passion for it. Side note: I dropped weight easily with hooping. It's good cardio. Burned another 150 calories👌🏼 . . . #cardio #hooping #hoopdance #hulahoop #fitness #fitspo #slowandsteady #fitnessmotivation #losingweight #weightlossjourney #fitjourney #fitnessjourney #losingweight #outside #gymrat #exercise #lifestylechange #fitnessmotivation #igfit #fitnessnewbie #hoopdancer
Some days being mom can be hard on your back. A couple days ago I was helping my little one get up be hill on her bike and pushed the bike all the way home while she walked afterwards. Lots of leaning over and my back was starting to hurt. Woke up next morning with major lower back pain. Deep blue rub to the rescue. Rubbed it on and a half hour later I forgot my back was hurting. Love this stuff 💜👍
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Busy days here in beautiful #WesternNC 🌄🐾🙌🏽