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"To her [Aquarius] the world is painfully beautiful, and she greets every day with an unscripted childlike awe, open to what cheery serendipity might cross her path as she whistles through her routine. She cares little for worldly trends or trappings of supposed sophistication - that proverbial square peg who can't be fit to social convention."
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June's Magnolia Dryad Oil is now listed in the store. This Dryad hails from the Southern "Magnolia Grandiflora" Tree 💮💮💮💮💮 With #grounded #wisdom that stretches into the #ancient past, a lush femininity that is anything but dainty, and the #mysterious depths of the watery #moon, we might think of the #Magnolia #Dryad as an arboreal wise woman and #botanical high #priestess. Deep within us, in our genetic #memory and in our buried memories of old #lifetimes, we hold ancient wisdom. The Magnolia Dryad helps us remember this wisdom and allow it to be #reborn into our present #incarnation. The very #Tree herself is literally a repository of unthinkably ancient genetic coding. So ancient that this Dryad actually predates Bees, which is while she is pollinated by beetles instead. Spend time in quiet #contemplation with this #Oil to access the deep inner knowing that is your spiritual heritage and #birthright, including ancient genetic memories and wisdom intrinsic to the #Earth and Moon. In your Oil contains the #Heart of the Magnolia Dryad #Blossom. Gaze into the Oil and you'll get the distinct sense that she is #invincible for she has has been alive for over 100 Million Years. Talk about destroying the myth that #feminine #beauty is synonymous with tender youth! Use this Oil during the Full Moon. The Magnolia Dryad will help you access your most invincible #power and vast magical #strength. Aligned with both the Earth and the Moon she can help you work with #lunar energy in the physical realm for the purpose of #manifestation. #Meditate with this Oil during the full moon cycle starting at the new moon and continuing to the full moon. Anoint yourself and sit contemplating and #attuning with the unseen energies of the moon. 💮Uses: Lightly anoint your body (or chakras) during ritual, spell work, or mediations. Add a few drops to a ritual bath. Anoint candles or your ritual tools. Burn in an oil burner.  Dryad Oil Comes in a Beeswax sealed 7oz glass bottle with a cork top insert that has been stamped with a paraffin wax stamp. 100% Organic and Vegan Flowers, Herbs and Oils.
Sometimes when relationships go south or turn sour, it's hard to see the blessing or benefit from being in it... but there's always something, it just needs fresh eyes and perspective to see it!
Have you seen your #futureforecast for the week? Head to the homepage of to check out what this week has in store for you, and read below to see what today has in store for you 😌😽 🔥get out in nature - it's an ideal time to decompress and take agendas off the table so that you can show up as a genuine human being 🔥embrace a more #feminine #energy, and know that our #relationships get presented to #mirror pieces of ourselves that we need to work on.. it's a beautiful balance of being clear about what you feel and being fluid (the same way a waterfall cuts through stone over time). Pay attention to your subtle emotions, they are guiding you somewhere 🔥part of being fluid is acknowledging that there's no right way to do something, and no one is perfect - if you are moving into judgement mode, could you first see things through someone else's point of view? Give it a try :) 🔥advice: feel the power of joy in everything you do. It's a beautiful energy astrologically speaking so stay with the good and walk away from the bad. If it doesn't make your heart light up, then maybe it's not for you... 😉let go so that better things can come to you 🙃maybe engage in a little meditative chanting if that's your thing! 🔥outcome: #Health and #healing! Okay!!!! This is showing that today is all about restoring balance. Something's been off, and if you take a break to reconnect with your true nature (which is based on feeling of joy), your eyes will adjust and you'll be able to see your path more clearly. So beautiful 💕 Love you BBs, #TheAlchemist . . #yoga #yogi #yogini #asana #spiritual #buddha #om
Cant wait for these to arrive. Aw silk pænt from @ahlvargallery 🔝🆒
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Woah bows for daysss!!! 🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀 all of these keychains are listed and READY TO SHIP link in bio yall!
Happy summer 😃 I remember reading an article while I was getting a pedicure done that quoted Matthew McConaughey saying there's nothing sexier on a woman than a sundress Here's to a whole season of them! 🙏☀️🌷 And men going gaga over us wearing them 😄. 📷 @sheisfiercehq
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