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Most women have been victims of sexual harassment at some point in there lives. For many women, these acts against them become normal. But they are not. When I was in third grade, maybe 8 or 9, and a boy wrote notes and signed my name and spread them to the school, notes that said I wanted to have sex with him, that's not normal. When I told the principle and was told nothing could be done, that's not normal. When I was 12 and was harassed by a group of boys on my way home from school, describing all the ways they would take advantage of me, that is so far from okay. When I was in fifth grade my best friends sister was groped on the street. This should not have to be any ones reality. When you're a women you learn to get up and leave a subway car if a man is looking at you a certain way. You are taught how to take shelter if a man follows you. You are told to never let someone (a worker at a hotel or such) to go into a room second, as they could trap you in. I have carried a rape whistle since I had keys, so probably the age of 6. I was taught that knowing self defense is a necessity if you are a woman. This is real. This is happening. Women are put in danger all the time. Women are made uncomfortable every day of their lives and it becomes part of a normal routine. It is important now for us to come together, share our stories, and try to show the world how real these issues are. #metoo #womensrights #woman #feminist #feminism
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#metoo • At a cinema in the 90s... In the neighborhood where I was frequently catcalled as a teen... In my sleep as two boys touched me without permission... • I didn't let them scar me for life. To me, they are reminders that these things happen, and that I should be extra careful as a woman and a mother to a daughter. • These experiences have long been forgotten but YES— Me too. • #DREAMGRIDS by #CMCSocial about #womenempowerment