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Moinsen #Community, Attacke es ist wieder Montag und der Wahnsinn beginnt aufs Neue. Aber ich liebe diesen Wahnsinn und dann ist das Ganze doch auch nur halb so schlimm. Also nicht lange reden und nachdenken, sondern einfach mal machen und durchziehen. Ich sag euch, es lohnt sich Supplements 💊 by @olimp_germany (Timo10 10% Rabatt) Clothes 👖👕 by @big.borninthegym . Kommt gut in den Tag und durch die neue Woche. Sportliche Grüße Euer Timo von #Team Pommi . #olimpsportnutrition #fitnessmotivation #motivation #fitfamgermany #goforit #motivationmonday #gainz #protein #booster #fitspo #fit
Goeiemorgen 💙 De maandag start ik gewoon met taart 🍰 Deze is eiwitrijk, volkoren, vezelrijk, laag in vet en suikers, en gemaakt met oa een groene Smoothie 😁 Hij is lekker 👌 Maar nog niet zooo lekker dat ik het recept ga delen 🙃 Misschien na wat aanpassingen!
SIGNINGS! Big shout out to Shola and Jackie who made the trip from Essex to join up with the squad at Battersea Park. Lovely ladies who were full of enthusiasm and had mad love for the Firefighter Fit Squad!! Keep it up ladies... ALWAYS READY!
When people leave us we usually make it about us. That we're not good enough...that if we were more lovable and more _________ they would've have stayed. • Imagine if we did a simple shift in how we thought about it? And what we made it mean? Imagine if we thought and believed, "People leave because of them"?!? Woahhhhh. This world and how we feel about ourselves would be very different. • Remember that what you believe about yourself dictates how you process experiences and what you make them mean. So, if you don't believe you're lovable, you will find all of the evidence to prove that to be true. • Believing we're worthy of love requires actually becoming our best selves and choosing people who make that belief easy. • Till we shift how we feel inside we will continue to choose things that support old and painful beliefs which don't serve us and our desire for great love. #createthelove
“If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.” ― Nora Roberts #thechieflife #mealplan
Our first ebook is here 💥 an ebook full of nourishing Winter recipes!! You'll receive 18 yummy recipes; breakfast, lunch, dinners and treats all designed to nourish your body!! Only $5 click the link in our bio to get your hands on a copy 🤚 #winterwellness #eatreal #recipeinspo #foodinspo