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Passion fruit Lassi Smoothie! 😎 **** Typically sour taste of passion fruit is usually balanced with sweet juicy mango as it gives a delightful flavor combination. However, banana also works well as a replacement. Ingredients: 4 passion fruits, 2 bananas, 3 tbsp of Greek yoghurt, 2 clusters of mint leaves, 1 tea spoon of honey, 4 ice cubes. Put them all in blender & you will get one full tall glass of Passion Fruit Lassi Smoothie! 🍹 #drinkoftheday . #homemade #lassi #smoothie #smoothielover #greekyoghut #passionfruit #fruitlover #thirsty #chill #drinks #whattodrink #sgeats #sgdrinks #healthydrink #detoxdrink #healthyrecipe #freshfruit #antioxidant #fightcancer #superfood #potassium #cardiofood #fitdrink #drinkhealthy #healthylife #healthymenu #nutritious #vegetarian #simplyhealthy
Salam Ramadhan semua 😊 Plump organic almonds ready for this weekends orders. Sesiapa nk order untuk minggu ni boleh wassap 0103668951 ye. Free delivery in Klang Valley for orders more than 3 bottles. New improved recipe and in 400ml bottles 🖒 . Pure, organic almond milk. Good for sahur (or weight watchers/fitness buffs) sebab its jam packed with nutritions from honey and kurma and a little pinch of cinnamon for healing. Boleh kata its a complete meal lah jugak kan. Easy on the stomach. Made specially for those yang lactose intolerant and tak boleh consume cow's milk. . Paling penting, ZERO PRESERVATIVES! MADE FRESH UPON ORDERS ONLY. Made with organic premium ingredients. . Please share this to your family and friends yang selalu gastric time puasa. Dah Ramadhan dah 😊 No minimum orders tau. . #almondmilk #fitnessdrink #fitdrink #weightwatchers #ramadhan #shahalam #shahalamresidents
Yes what if??? It has mine and so many others... I was talking to my mom the other day I was so happy the things she was saying. My mom is my best friend and I hurt when I see her hurt. 3 weeks ago I go her drinking fit. And the way she is feeling now makes me the happiest I have ever been. If anyone know my mom she is ALWAYS in pain ( she never shows it) she works 50+ hrs a week and she dealt the the pain. She had arthritis in her back and she has plantar fasciitis. She's been taking pills for the pain. Well the other day she noticed she hasn't been needing them as much as she had. One day she only took 1 pill when she would take one every 4 hrs. When I see my mom in less pain. And her loving this product as much as me makes me extremely happy I found this product so I can share with her and everyone else. #healthydrink #fitdrink #heallingbenifits #amazing #focus #energy #weightloss #girlboss #starttoday
Have you tried this @kevitadrinks flavor? It's delicious - so refreshing! Probiotics are very beneficial for overall health and I prefer to get them with these drinks or fermented foods. My allergies have been acting up so I've been drinking one of these daily and it's helped tremendously. In case you aren't aware - here are just a few benefits of probiotics: • ✔️They help manage stress ✔️Help to fight off allergens and infections ✔️They may lower bad cholesterol levels ✔️Offer protection against the cold and flu ✔️Assist in getting intestinal health back on track after being on medication. If you haven't given these a try yet, I highly suggest! #healthier # #fitdrink #healthdrink