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"So many people are quick to jump the gun and run with an idea, vision or system simply because it is perceived or proven to be effective. To put it bluntly, we're too busy seeking and arguing over what is/isn't effective when we should be identifying the efficacy of said intervention, system, idea or vision. To quote the late Maya Angelou 'nothing works unless you do'. So if you're reading stuff on the internet or picking up another book, put it down for once and just get it done." - The PHIT Coach #diet #weights #fitness #exercise #physicalactivity #muscle #tone #definition #thedietisdead #chesham #amersham #london #bucks #buckinghamshire #chalfont #herts #fitfam #weightlifting #gym #training #instagramhub #girl #jj #picstitch #tbtigers #photooftheday #Love #girls #hot #summer tesla model follow bestoftheday smile supercars sports iphonesia life F1
✖️PESÉE ✖️ . Hola chicas 🙋🏾. Comment vous allez ? 🐢 Pas très présente ce week end, tout simplement pcq je bosse et voila. Vous êtes habitués façon 😶. Autant la semaine dernière pas de prise ni de perte et là -200g, comme quoi on avance doucement mais sûrement 🐢. Je pensais que j'aurais pris, cette semaine on reste focus sur le sport et l'alimentation, je vais me réorganiser tranquillement et je vous tiens au courant de mes choix pour ces changements. Ps : alors oui je me suis faite un profil pour voir les pertes de poids cette années et sinon j'en suis à -38,2 ! Mes objectifs de la semaine : - aller à la salle toute la semaine - faire une semaine TTC - boire plus d'eau ___________________________ #chrononutrition #chronoteuse #chrononutritiondiet #chronocops #motivation #minciravecplaisir #TBC #NTC #topbodychallenge #topbodychallengeuse #instafit #instadiet #fitgirl #fitfam #regimeuse #instaregimeuse #regime #pertedepoids #perdredupoids #nopainnogain #healthy #reequilibragealimentaire #obesity #mincir #2016nonauxkilos #pesée #doucementmaissurement #TeamTortue
✖️ATHLETE INSIGHT✖️ -Social Media. It shows you the glitz & glamour. But here is what you don't see. 🚻TAG A MATE WHO NEEDS INSIGHT! 👻SNAP: raysedrak197 ☑️The image above says it all. I would be lying if I said that I always look shredded & pumped. Consider lighting, professional cameras, touched up photos, pumping up for a shoot, copious amounts of tan & the unsustainable, extra cardio sessions & low carb days in the lead up to "looking on point". ☑️You don't see the days I don't want to train. Even when I do make it into the gym, you won't ever hear about the half assed sessions. Some of them I walk out of altogether, after 10 mins. You don't see the failed lifts or the lack of effort toward pushing out those last reps that matter. ☑️What you don't see is the person standing in front of the mirror, criticizing their physique, tearing themselves to pieces in an emotional tirade that's driven solely through a sense of disatisfaction at not meeting unattainable standards 24 hours a day. ☑️Heck, you don't see my 8pm bloat. After a day's worth of food & drink. Still sitting there in the remnants of my own sweat from the cardio session I did 8 hours prior, with my hair looking like that mop your grandma refuses to let go of from her heyday. You do however, see the perfect image, displaying the best version of me. ☑️Let's keep it real. We all have our emotions, our demons to fight & battles to win. I'm putting myself out there in the hope that i'm keeping this relatable, keeping it real. If you know someone whose succumbing to the social media standard; of perfection 24/7, then do them a favour. ☑️Let them know that the people they see on here guessed it. Human! Yes, we bloat, we go soft, we have bad days, we tear ourselves a part too. We succumb to temptation & don't always train our hardest or remain as strict to our diets as you think we do. ☑️But that's the beauty of social media. Sometimes we can actually use this as a tool to keep it real, it might make all the difference to that one person out there that's really at war with themselves. ✖️Yours sincerely, - "Just Like You." #instagram #2017
So at the end of week 2 I'm still embracing the bulk life sitting at 182lbs this morning. With only losing half a pound at the end of week 2 I'm going to be implementing 3, 15 minute HIIT sessions this week to hopefully drop down to 180lbs this time next week. Week 2 review will be live on Facebook later on so make sure not to miss out 💪🏽
in 21 tage sitze ich schon im flieger ✈ ich hab heute frei und fahre gleich los mit meinem freund bisschen bummeln und die letzten tage genießen 👫 #aupairinamerica #21days #selfie
Who's your inspiration and motivation? Here is me meeting my idol @buffbunny and after meeting her I found out what a lovely genuine person she is! I've been through a similar journey in my personal life recently so I'm so glad we have both come out the other side happy little princesses 👸🏼👸🏼