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We go hard tomorrow!! From 6:30am, all the way through until 8:30pm we are kicking butts and taking names! What? In Pilates? 🤔🤔 Yes! Pilates will whip your butt into shape! Drop in for a class tomorrow and let me change your life! Download the app and schedule your class now! #blessedbodypilates #transformation #pilates #transformationtuesday #houston #htown #montrose #museumdistrict #fitness #workout #motivation #exercise #healthy #live #houstonpilates #houstonfitness #fitfam #stretch #abs #core #women #ladies #fitmom
Shout out to @manderson819 for helping to raise awareness for the fight against human trafficking while winning GOLD at the #ibjjfhoustonopen rocking one of our Freedom Fighter patches. #freedomfighterfriday A percentage of all sales from our Freedom Fighter line goes to @traffick911 To help them free children from the grips of human trafficking. N O T D E A D Y E T A P P A R E L . C O M
The push is always worth it 💪🏼 Happy Monday #FitFam! Today I wasn't feeling my workout. I shouldn't say I wasn't.. My body wasn't. Where I work so many of us are sick right now and I'm starting to feel that pressure headache, congestion, and a bit of a sore throat. After a full day of work I was planning on skipping the gym, but after talking to my boyfriend who is my complete rock and support system, I felt inspired to throw on my workout clothes and get to the gym! And you know what? During and after my workout I started to feel better! I also up'd almost all of my weights so that felt so so good! Sometimes all you need is that extra push to make your workout happen. I love this lifestyle so much and I am so incredibly blessed and grateful that my body allows me to workout, so I'll work at bettering myself everyday for the rest of my life! Just trained my chest and triceps! What did you train today?
Multiple videos. Yes please. My cancerous clean forms will leave you with osteoporosis 💯💯 Low bar Squat: 350lbsx2x4 Low bar Squat: 365lbsx3x3 Low bar Squat: 385lbs2x2 Low bar Squat: 405lbsx1x1 Clean: 225lbsx1x1 Clean: 245lbsx1x1 Cleans: 225lbsx2x2 ; - ; #adidas #bodybuilding #bodybuilders #powerlifting #powerlifters #weightlifting #weightlifters #olympicweightlifting #olylifting #aesthetics #motivation #instafit #fitness #igfit #igfitness #fitfam #fit #quads #glutes #squats #cleans #nike #romaloes #gopro #goprohero4 #likeforlike #small #help
Non-scale victory; I fit back into my #ivivva (children's #lululemon) sweater comfortably! ⭐️🙈
The last few months, I've struggled with posting pictures like this or booty poses or things along those lines - not because I am ashamed of my body but because I want to be sure that I am not just another account full of vapid selfies with no message or meaning. It can be so easy to question whether it's "okay" to both share a perspective AND post pictures of your body. Can I be both body positive and show off my glute gains? Can I encourage people to love themselves from the inside out while also celebrating my body? The short answer is YES 🙌 I know that I didn't get 13,000 internet friends because I have the best body in the world, or because I go to the gym every day, or because I track my macros. I have a perspective, I have struggles, I have successes - and I choose to share those in a public forum. I have a perspective on mental illness, eating disorders, self-love, and many other things 💕 So YES, if I also want to share and celebrate my physique... I'm going to do so! And YOU SHOULD TOO ☺ It doesn't make us vain or conceited to share our bodies alongside our minds. It makes us people with thoughts and ideologies that also choose to pursue a healthy life through our own means ✨ #ShareDatSelfie #YouDoYouBooBoo
Well, I'm still in the same boat I've been for months and it's time to take things in a more serious direction. What's different now? I am engaged! #sweatingforthewedding in full effect! I found the dress I want and today I found the engagement dress for our pictures at the end of the summer! Now, I just want to get down to 145 by July. I signed up for @molsinspire #dietbet and am BEYOND motivated. I will be receiving my @poppy_locks macros on Wednesday so I can officially start meal prep and I am not drinking for the month of March... It's going to be rough but let the games begin!
4x8 at 320 (plus bands) anddddd the reason I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow. Even though I hit 17.1 yesterday and was sore from it I had to get this lift in to stay on track. And shit, @blacksmifff was in the gym down a digit so I couldn't take today off in good conscience. #deathlifts #fatmancardio #mybackisbroken #trapstoo Song: "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" @cagetheelephant