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Sunday Dreaming 💭 On leave my Sundays consist of Netflix marathons, beach explorations and dinner with my family. All of these things would be very much appreciated right now.💙 - It's the end of another crazy week here, our third of working continuously 6hrs on - 6hrs off, with another week of it ahead. This schedule is fine for a few days but now it feels like all I do is work and then sleep for a few short hours with a quick gym session thrown in there (because I've still killed all my workouts this week👊) I have no idea what is happening in the real world outside of this ship nor do I remember how it feels to get enough sleep at one time.🙈 - Nevertheless, tomorrow is a new week, where the craziness will continue and we'll finally arrive in Poland and go into dry-dock, which is a whole other kind of craziness! But a kind that I am looking forward to 😆 #bbgscotland #bbgsisters #bbggirls #bbgfam #bbgfamily #bbgcommunity #fitfam #fitfamuk #ukfitfam #healthyliving #healthylifestyle
At Energy Body Transformation, we are all about results... From the moment you begin training with us, every movement, every rep, every rest is supervised. Every time! Injury prevention is key to guaranteeing you YOUR results and maintaining a healthy mindset towards exercise. Come train with us and experience what makes us so unique in this wonderful world of fitness!! #bodytransformation #fitfam #fitfamuk #fitfamireland #health #fitness #s&c #elitetraining #gym #fitnessstudio #setgoals #crushgoals #hardworkpaysoff
💪🏼🤔HOW OFTEN SHOULD I TRAIN?!?🤔💪🏼 . As a novice you don't need to be in the gym 5-6 days a week - it's not necessary and can be detrimental. However, you also shouldn't be training each body part once a week and expecting to make maximal gains either! . The general adaption syndrome (GAS) model shows the three stages your body goes through when responding to a stress (in this case lifting heavy weights). As a beginner you should allow yourself ~48-72 hours between training each body part so your body has enough time to fully recover from the stress loaded upon it and can super compensate for additional training in the future (I.e. Lift heavier weights). Therefore, you don't need to be in the gym 5/6 days a week - this is overkill - training 3/4 times a week is a good starting point for most beginners🤗 . When it comes to how often you should train the specific body parts you want to build e.g. Your glutes, you should be training these areas at least 2-3 times a week for optimal results. For this reason Body part/bro splits probably isn't the best way to train for this either. Full body or upper/lower splits will be a far easier way of training the body parts you want to build with enough frequency so you actually make gainzzZ🤗🙌🏼
I want to talk about body positivity. Body positivity means loving your body (and everyone else's) exactly where you're at, or where you want to go. . Our society has gone from skinny being the goal, to big is beautiful, or real women have curves. Why can't we appreciate all of these? I NEVER want anyone to think I am skinny shaming or fat shaming. Frankly, if you feel CONFIDENT in your body and you are HEALTHY, what more could you want? Healthy comes in all different shapes and sizes. Even if you're not at your goal weight or size, doesn't mean you can't love your body now. . Don't idolize someone else's body. And certainly don't try to look like someone else at the risk of your own health. Everyone's body's are build differently. We have different genetics, different bone structures and so much more. It is physically impossible for some people's bodies to look a certain way. But that's OKAY! . I support people looking however they want to but make sure your body is WELL NOURISHED to compliment that. If you are "fueling" your body with pure junk, that's not healthy. Do you think I always want lean protein, complex carbs and veggies over pizza? No. But I know that balance is important and fueling my body with real, Whole Foods, is more important than constantly satisfying my cravings or taste buds. . My goal hasn't been to lose weight or be skinny. My goal has always been to be healthy. If you are taking care of your body, getting it active, and fueling it properly, you become content with who you are. Love yourself every step of the way, not just once you reach your end goal.
Last day on holiday before flying home tomorrow ✈️ 🇦🇹 Can't wait to get back in the kitchen and eat some vegetables 🌽🥒🥕 Like this @tofooco veggie stir fry 🙌🏻As always not enough vegetables have been consumed whilst away 🙄but this shall soon be rectified!!
Rewind back to Friday night please 😭
On that note ✌🙏👀🌍✈🌞🌟🌙