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#ohmstyleservice HEALTH SHAKEN NOT STIRRED: Alongside working out, another important aspect of staying fit is eating well and drinking. I wouldn't recommend a prolytic digestive enzyme shake, but several hundred vodka martinis probably aren't a good idea either. Everything in moderation. Dependant on what you're trying to do, there are different shakes out there, from protein to weight gain to something else. If you're feeling fancy, then pour it into a martini glass and pop in a couple of olives. #bond #jamesbond #007 #style #danielcraig #SPECTRE #fitness #bondfitness #gym #protein #proteinshake #health #drink #healthshake #workout #healthandfitness #gainer #fitnessmotivation #fitnessblogger #martini #shakennotstirred #cocktail #feelingfancy #popinanolive
Current shape in the morning with no pump 💯 I know my legs are not huge but honestly, I am really satisfied with the current shape. They still fit nicely into jeans and I do look like I slightly lift 😂 Couldn't be more happy with the progress I've made this year because it was over a year ago that I tore my meniscus and wasn't able to train legs properly for over half a year. The comeback is ON! Always remember that it's you vs you when it comes to lifting. My legs are baby compared to most, but they are better than they were last year, so that's the improvement you gotta be happy about. This summer I'm confident they will be looking pretty serious (my calves will not though, genetics are too shitty). Anyway, this is my current bulking physique and I plan on continuing up until April before I get next level shredded again 🔥 - What are your goals? 💪🏼
What happens when the bar and your Adam's apple meet.😵