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I really don't want to be here today. I'm tired, and I spent the whole day packing and caring for a whiny one year old... ugh... Im both mother and father for my son, and after putting on 70 lbs during my pregnancy I just wasn't the same. Anyway to make long story short, I waited for motivation to come and it never did, so I dragged myself here. I made a promise to my son, to be the best mother and father to him and that also includes being in shape, because he is a very active boy, VERY...And most importantly I made a promise to myself. So here I am, making habits... #Fit #FitGirl #TryingToLoseTheBabyWeight #LifeChangingJourney #FitMom #SayNoToPizza #SingleMomsRock #Fitness #FitnessJourney #fitnessmotivation
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Cardio with my big baby Kylo. ❤️🐾
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Getting that last pump in before vacation with @a2thelion
Motivation is the reason why you aren't getting results. Searching for inspiration, WAITING to feel excited about training. The emotional roller coaster will lead you to failure more than success. Avoid motivation and cast it out into the cold. Execute on your fitness, lead with action, forge discipline. #ShareToInspire Learn more about my training philosophy (👆LINK IN PROFILE👆)
495x3, 5th set after benching. It was sooooo damn hot and humid in the gym today. Ultimately that doesn't make a bit of a difference. I had a limited time to do a large volume of work. Any circumstance or happening outside of my mindset, is not a factor. • This is the truth in fitness and life. Your mindset is everything...and it's absolutely your choice. Write that down. Read it daily. Move toward success.
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Hey everyone, this is me Lex! The past year I have been working on creating a healthy life style for myself and finding balance with CHEAT MEALS! JK, I'm not on a diet at allll... so I can't even call anything a cheat meal! Hehe! I just live a healthy life style. Truthfully I have found the perfect balance and have lost 40ibs since last summer 2016! I had just kicked out my ex- boyfriend and over the course of the relationship I gained almost 50ibs total. It was really hard to face myself everyday. He basically forced me to dye my hair brown and became so controlling I couldn't even go to the gym because "guys" would look at me. It was just horrible. I became unable to recognize the person I was in the mirror anymore because of his actions and him stuffing Oreo cookies, Ice cream and Dunkin Dounts down my throat. Since then, I tried to dedicate myself back into the gym life! I try to workout 5days a week, and yes life happens and I sometimes only get 3 workouts in. But this is a process over time here fokes.... for a life time. I'm looking for permit weight loss. I don't want to stop... I keep re-revolutionizing the way I eat constantly to try to improve my health for the better. Because like I said, its truly a life style! #fitgirls #fitness #freeweights #fitnessjourney #fitnesslife #workhard #workout #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #fitgirl #fitspiration #cardio #fitnessaddict #flex #girlswholift #fitgirl #snapchat #selflove #fitnessgirl #legday #lululemon #nike #bootygains🍑