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I just stole this from Pinterest and I love it!
What exercise is the best exercise? I smile because every time I hear a version of this question, I think back to one of my physiotherapy professors response: "the best exercise is the next exercise." This statement appreciates variation. Challenging your body in different ways, because even though we are made up of different muscles, we function as a whole unit. Another professor would say that the best exercise is the one that targets the weakest muscle in the chain. Another good point. One of my weakest movements is lateral raises. Deltoid and all the muscles around the scapula and shoulder. I am trying to incorporate more variation in angles with lateral raises, to target the different fiber orientations or deltoid, even if I have to swallow my pride and grab lighter weights to do it. I start in a slightly flexed forward position, do 5-10 reps of lateral raises, hinge forward about 10-15 degrees and repeat. After a few rounds I rest, I do 3 sets. I have tried to sit doing these as well, which isolates the movements, but this video shows a standing option. Try it!! It might be harder than it looks 💪🏽😊✌️ ..... #fit #strong #stronger #deltoid #fitness #fitspo #fitmom #weightlifting #workout #bikinicompetitor #physio #strcng #muscle #lift #exercise #bodybuilding #bodygoals #fitforlife
Thank you all so much for all of your awesome comments yesterday. It turns out that I am definitely not alone in this, and neither are you. We all have our bad days, weeks, months and years and it's so easy to get caught up in the high reel life of social media. I'm still exhausted, I'm still not super chipper...but that's ok. I want to be conscious about what I post here. It's OK to not be happy all of the time. It's OK if we did something that wasn't particularly good for us sometimes. Today when I woke up after barely being able to sleep again last night, I checked my TUT email (letters from the should get them💓💓) gave me the ultimate fix to my woes-- get outside and experience bigger things. Like the wind, the sound of the water in the river...sunshine on my face or the sounds of the birds... Life is so much bigger than our little screens. And with that I'm leaving the screen again. #thankyouthankyouthankyou 💓💓
⚡️✨ #FITNESSMOTIVATION Hello la #fitfam ! 🍗🍑 #Workout #legday au programme aujourd'hui ! J'ai tout donné dans cet entraînement ! Je ne sais pas si c'est mon booster de chez #scitec ou cette musique que j'ai mise dans ma story, mais wouaw!🐆 💪🏻Ce sentiment de satisfaction juste après la fin d'une séance est juste top! 🤗 💓Merci pour toutes vos petites réactions sur ma photo d'hier dis donc, vous êtes des sucreees🍬 👉🏻 #Marceaufit on your posts 👀
Ab day💪🏋️