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I remember wanting to 'remember this moment. ✨I'd gone on an adventure with some Aussies I literally met on the train. They'd invited me to go to Menton (because you know, who wouldn't?") with them to the beach. I had to find a shop and buy bathers and a towel because swimming that day hadn't been in the plan. I also ended up buying a dress because I swam in my shorts and despite the hot weather they didn't dry. We went to Monaco on the way back. We bought wine and snacks and sat out on the boardwalk. We got a little tipsy and while we wondered Matt and I sang Edith Piaf songs in really lame Australian accents. ✌️🌻 #france #southoffrance #monaco #montecarlo #reflection #frenchriviera #frenchlife #adventures #europe #europe2017
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