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🌿🌱💐 SAYIT Girls learned about #naturopathy this week in the Nurture Your Nature series for this term. 🌼🌻🌹Thank you to guest speaker naturopath Naimah Abdat of Mothering Care for inspiring the girls with a real and practical presentation that provoked many questions and a vibrant discussion afterwards on the connection between our hearts 💜💛💚💙 and our bodies, how to identify the different elements that we need in order to flourish and thrive, and how to best look after our bodies using all the natural resources around us. 🌸🌈🍃The girls got the opportunity to practice their knowledge in the making of lip balms and room sprays from a variety of essential oils. 🌾🌷🌿 #findyourvoice #sayit  #muslimwomen  #muslimwomenassociation #youngmuslims  #aussiemuslims  #sisterhood #friendship  #mentoring  #empoweringgirls #empoweringwomen  #womenteach  #youthgroup #nurtureyournature  #nurture  #nature  #mindfulness #identity  #reflection  #notice  #youth  #thegreatoutdoors  #outsideclassroom #essentialoils #naturopath #diy
Beasty, ano ba yan birthday mo na naman.😂😂 wala eh... dina talaga patitigil ang pagtanda. ✌🏻✌🏻 Nung kasal mo wala ako pero sana sa binyag ng junakis mo anjan ako. Hihi. Sorry beasty, I have to upload these,. These two are the only most recent photos of yours with me. Ako'y naeexcite sa paglabas ng baby mo. Sana lang lumabas na normal at healthy si baby. At ang pinakamasaya sa lahat.. you have a good man beside who would love and care you unconditionally. I'm really so happy you finally found your forever. On the day of your wedding, I'm indeed emotional (kasi si beasty natagpuan na sya ng forever nya...kelan din kayo ako mahahanap ni forever, 😂😂😂 of course that's only a joke!!🤣🤣) kasi alam ko super saya mo on that day.. as your "beastfriend" (tayo lang nakakaalam bakit "beastfriend") ramdam ko talaga. Sayang lang talaga at di ako naka-attend. Malayo man tayo sa isat isa at di man lagi nag-uusap in fairness dipa rin nagbabago ang pagiging "beastfriend" natin. Seriously,.you are my one and only "beasty". Kinukwento ka palang nun kuya Eric na darating ka nun ramdam ko ung excitement na makilala ka. Nung dumating ka sa loob hayun na nga nga ang simula. Alam nating dalawa na marami tayong napagdaanan sa loob nun pero sa awa ng Dyos dinaanan lang natin, di natin tinambayan. Oh gosh beasty sarap balikan ung buhay natin sa loob nun. Na diko i-dedeny.. ang lahat ng iyon ang syang humubog sating pagkatao. Basta paguwi ko... akin junakis mo. 😂😂😂 I mean bonding tayo. You know how much I love and care about you. Tsssk "beasty"... cenxa na medyo napahaba. Basta "beasty" you're always my "beastfriend" okay. Have a happy birthday!!! Hope to see you very soon. (Hugs and kisses for you!) #friendshipgoals #friends #friendship #firstmeetingfriends #ldrfriends #worthrememberingmoments #seminarydays #workingstudentslife #workingstudentstogether #workingtudentstruggle #collegediaries #preggyfriend #preggybelly #bestfriendforever
Enjoy 🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍