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Finally bisa foto berdua ya ren, temen dari jaman-jamannya buluk sampe sekarang dan seterusnya ya ren, temen dari sd, smp, sma. 8 tahun sekelas sama elu ren, gatau lagi dah ren mau bikin kepsyen kek gimana makasih 12 tahunnya ren💞 jan bosen temenan sama gua wkwk😂 #like4likes #friendshipgoals #sd #smp #sma #like4followers
•TAG CARA IF YOU CAN TYSM• So here's a fact, I knew and fall in love with you after watching paper towns the movie📺! Nota long time but it's okay🤷🏻‍♀️whatever. All I wanted ter say is I hope you can come to Hong Kong if you have a chance, I wanna meet you😏and I want you to hug me like what you did to an elephant🐘you helped me went through struggles even we never talked;) KEEP GOIN' like this and all delevingners including me will be here, always❤️ shaving your head and got rid of all your pretty long blonde hair is not an easy job I think, cause the stylist put so much time on it😹just kidding! BALALALALALALA what I'm saying idk🤷🏻‍♀️just suddenly wants to type sth and yeah that's it💬 idk if you're seeing this or not but I REALLY I hope you can see this from the bottom of my heart btw! If you get married, I'll cry but I hope your baby have the same eyebrows as yours😈also, I know you're gonna cry while reading this and you're gonna think I'm such a sweetie, right?😂see ya👋🏻💋