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This guy is THE definition of cool and the reason why I started riding. If you think otherwise, take a good look at his hand. Chopper project coming soon. #dennishopper #1969 #ride or #fuckoff
#darkside #hatersgonnahate lovers gonna love #jealousy is what people wanna be #miserablebitches with, then let them. Don't talk to me about my personal life. Yes , I have #scars and I think I'm #beautiful with or without. So if you have any decency or respect you'll not insult me about my scars. Yall are brats, you probably are spoiled fuckin rotten so I suggest you stfu and meet me, or piss off, All you're doing is spewing literal shit in texts so why tf should I even waste my time? Literally, you are so fucking low it's funny cause I'm not telling you to go kill yourself and oh, lucky you, you have no scars. Well I have them and I'm still , so stfu and outta my goddamn profile quit #stalking like a little bitch. You're obviously obsessed with being negative. Yall narcissistic. And this is to only the people that wanna start shit, hot my followers I love my followers, haters, piss off, Jack off, fuck off whatever. And no I'm not posting this cause I let you get to me I'm posting this cause I'm bipolar a not very good mood and am going to expose what these haters say and how they creeping on my page like it's show and tell #goodnight if you sleep knowing you told someone to kill themselves. You're inhuman #education #preach #bitchesbelike #fuckoff #bipolar #badday #feelingsick #lovemyfollowers