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October 18th, 2017: 3 of Wands This message is for anyone who reads this post 🔮✨ Today finds you future focused. You are turning your back and walking away from a painful situation that was filled with lies, betrayal and deceit. Although what you are leaving is familiar and something that you have invested significant time and energy into, you know that what you are departing from wasn't for your highest good, and that intuitively, you deserve something much better. I feel that you are now taking the first steps to expand your horizons and manifest a new start, by seeking pastures anew as indicated by the 3 of Wands. This is the time to take action, to visualise the new future that you want for yourself. Take the time to meditate and visualise where you want to be, because your manifestation levels are very powerful and at an all time high right now. Remember - 'as above, so below'. When you visualise and believe in your new beginning, it will manifest into the physical. Lastly, I feel that you made the right decision by walking away, and I sense intuitively, that you know it too. Take this reading as a confirmation that you are indeed on the right path, and that bigger and better things await on the horizon for you.
مغز انسان حدود 100 میلیارد نورون دارد و هر نورون با حدود 10 هزار نورون دیگر در ارتباط است. آنچه بر شانه های شما قرار گرفته است پیچیده ترین شی در جهان شناخته شده، می باشد. پروفسور میچیو کاکو @futurism #MichioKaku #scifi #future #futuristic #science
MY way of life 💪🏽!!
What l see is a range of unlimited possibilities l can embrace. Future is made to be modeled according to desires.