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Wait for the guy who loves you for you.
Wait for the guy who proves to you just how much you mean to him because you shouldn’t have you keep holding your breath for someone who isn’t showing up. Don’t keep hanging on to the guy who has proved over and over to you that he’s no good for you. Don’t keep telling yourself things will get better and convince yourself you’re happy with him when you’re not. Don’t keep holding on to nothing – you deserve so much more than that.
Wait for the guy who won’t make you wait any longer.
Wait for the guy who steals your heart completely and has your best intentions at heart.
Wait for the guy who knows the little things truly are the big things.
Wait for the guy who drops you off coffee to work when you’ve had a rough start to the morning.
Wait for the guy who appreciates you and isn’t afraid to let you know how much you matter to him because you’re his whole world.
Wait for the guy who wants to make every turn in life with you by his side.
Wait for the guy who knows you better than you know yourself, who finds your weird habits cute, who tries to become a better person because of you and someone who makes you also want to be a better person.
That’s the kind of love you deserve, that’s the kind of love we all deserve – someone who makes us feel loved, adored, wanted and important.
Wait for the guy who makes you look forward to not only tomorrow, but to the rest of your life. That is the kind of guy you should wait for. ❤️ #gay #gays #gayboy #gaysingle #gayboys #gayguy #gaybachelor #gaystud #gaylatino #gayitaly #gaydude #gayhunk #gaycute #gaysingleboyproblems #gaygrande #gayhusbandmaterial #gay👬
r i n s e & r e p e a t
Loving this man more and more every day! So happy to celebrate great friends get married tonight! ❤❤❤