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hopefully this time, it gets the love it deserves 😅
🌸🌗💕Doesn't matter cause it's enough to be young and in love 💕🌗🌸
Hey at least he was telling the truth-🐵C
Welcome Innisfree to Indonesia ❤️
It's all about style and upping your game guys. Pocket squares are the way to do it. So let's start this series out with a more casual look not to be worn for a formal event. Think jeans, sport coat button shirt. 1) lay the pocket square flat 2) pinch in the centre3) pull through your hand. 4) flip upside down and tuck into your pocket - it should casual. That's it. Thanks to our friends at tie-a -tie #2 #2princes #mensfashion #pocketsquare #fashion #mensgrooming #gaycouple #gay #gaylife