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Ughhh I love my hair but it gets so tangled up. Starting my #leagueoflegends stream on #twitch around midnight EST (that's GMT -5 for all you international #gaymer hunties) Stop in and say hi!!
This is my 2003 launch GBA SP that I've decided to fix and refurbish. The screen had LCD cancer so I had to order a new one from EBAY and the shell was really cheap along with a new battery. I also changed out the A and B buttons with some clear purple ones. Took me about an hour of trial and error and now I finally have my old gameboy from elementary up and running! I'm starting to love fixing my old things and giving it new life. 💖 #Gaymer #GBASP #GameboyAdvanceSP #GameboyAdvance #AGS001 #refurbish #mod #Nintendo #RetroGaming #Handheld