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My daddy always told me if he makes you cry,He ain't the one, you better run from him
I wrote this; I drank, drank, drank, until I forgot which side to light the cigarette but I still remembered the way you held your chest when you laughed your beautiful laugh. I got high, high, high, until I forgot how to tie my laces but I still remembered the way your words rolled off your tongue like dough used for the cookies I remember you loved so much. I fell, fell, fell and I wish I meant in love but I mean I fell to the ground alongside my tears and I fell to pieces alongside my heart. I cried, cried, cried, until my head hurt so much I forgot my name but I still remembered yours like it was my own and I still waited to see it come up on my phone. I cut, cut, cut, until I forgot how to feel but I still remembered the numbness I felt when you told me you were leaving me because I was here and you were there and we couldn't touch. I may have forgotten how to smile, but yours still haunts me in my dreams because I know that you have someone else to make you smile and while I am here, they are there and they can touch you. // { #christianakridge #christianleave #transgender #ftm #lgbt #lgbtqiapd #gaypride #lgbtpride #follow #pansexual #samesex #books #reading #writing #art #quotes #happyquotes #sadquotes #sadquotespage}
Solo quiero un ultimo fin de semana de solo y playa antes que empiezen las clases, es lo unico que pido
Boys in the hood