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I went to my sister's house last night, it was the first time in a while I didn't wear any baggy clothes. I usually wear a heavy jacket or something a bit baggy to hide things I'd like to hide. She was so happy when she saw me wearing normally. She hugged and kissed me and said that I am beautiful and I have a beautiful body and I look a lot like our mother. I have to start accepting what I am. I have to start accepting my body and I have to know that it's okay to be fat. I am fat, I have a belly. I have an unusual waistline. I have a body and it's still a body. It's okay to be fat. Fat does not define me or make me any less of a person or a man. I need to understand that I don't have any shame that I need to hide. I have to learn that there's nothing wrong to hide in my body. I am fat, i am flabby. I have some spots in my body. I have some zits. It's okay to have zits and it's okay to have moles and birth marks. It's okay to be me even if I can't please everyone. I can't please every single person in the world. I can't do all of this. I really can't. So it's okay. It's really okay and I am not hurting anyone. I don't think I am hurting or offending anyone for being myself. It's fine. It is fine. So now I am looking at light. Because Light attracts me. I hope for light. I hope that light will always be by my side.
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